damsammiMay 21, 2020

Heh, it’s been quite a while… again…. I’m sure y’all have questions considering all the changes, and luckily, I have answers.

First off, where did all the pink go???

#ff8b8b (the specific salmonish shade of pink that graced Quartzfeather in it’s yesteryears) is an old friend of mine, and I’m sad to see it go, but I’m changing up the focus of the blog a bit (more on this later) which calls for a new look, so I went for a more sophisticated (in my opinion) berry red! (if you have any feedback on the color change, I’m all ears!)

So what’s that about a change in focus?

Well, I still love books (I swear), and I still want to blog about them; however, they’re no longer the topic I want to focus on solely. Quartzfeather has been with me three years now, and through those three years I’ve changed a lot, as have my interests. Beyond reading, my hobbies have expanded into sewing, fashion, skincare, and animation, all things which I’d love to start talking about on Quartzfeather.

I’ll continue posting book reviews and discussions, but those will be joined by clothing / skincare product / make-up / animated movie reviews, sewing tutorials, and other new types of posts I’ve yet to dream up. I know this a huge change of pace, but I hope y’all stick around to see where it takes Quartzfeather ^_^.

Also who the heck is the stranger in the sidebar photo?

Well, as I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed, It’s me (rocking my favorite and sadly only turtleneck). So yep that’s my face reveal—just don’t go around stalking me now.

There’s one last thing that needs addressing….

As you may have noticed, all 166 of my old posts have vanished. I made the difficult decision to delete them because I really felt like I needed a clean slate; but they’re not gone forever! If you want to see og Quartzfeather in all of its former pinkish glory or read any of my old posts, they can always be found here.

I was able to preserve pretty much everything perfectly; however, because they were stored on a third party, I did lose all of y’all’s comments… which honestly sucks so much…. But at least I managed to save everything else >_<.

Solely book blogging hasn’t felt like the right fit for a while now,

and starting over was a hard decision to make, but it ultimately is the choice that feels the most correct to me. I’m both excited and a little scared to see where this change takes me!


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